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Meet Noora

I found my passion in 2015 when deciding to go vegan.

It wasn't easy but it changed my life for good. 

Later life brought me to run a vegan food truck in Geneva, Switzerland, and to study Global Nutrition and Health in Aarhus, Denmark, as well as work as a chef/nutritionist in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. My life goal is to help people find a great relationship with food the way I did. 


Marcelo Aron Keniger, Brazil

I met Noora soon before (or maybe during) I decided to become vegan, and she was a great help in this transition. She showed me some delicious vegan dishes and inspired me to try new things. Apart from that, I could always count on her to answer any questions that I had regarding vegan nutrition or how to work with certain ingredients.



Miriam Dietz, Germany

Noora was part of our lecture "Food For Thought“. The lecture, organized by the Green Office (GO) of the University of Groningen was aiming at educating about how we can eat more sustainably. Noora added to the lecture by giving an interesting and insightful talk about vegan nutrition. Her expertise in veganism, her openness, and overall wonderful presentation which was based on facts enriched the participants' insight about sustainable nutrition and motivated them to rethink their diet - what a success!